A Guide To LumiHealth (One Year After)


1 year ago, I started my LumiHealth journey. I wrote about my experience with Lumihealth here after using a month and I realised many of you are interested in my experience. 

I figured that I should share with you my experience after using the app for a year and if you haven’t read my first article on LumiHealth, why don’t you go back to read it before joining me here!

How do you earn money on LumiHealth?

While you technically cannot earn money on LumiHealth, you can earn up to $380 worth of e-HPB vouchers which are as good as cash. Complete the Activity Challenge, Wellness Challenge, Just for You actions and ‘Answer This’ surveys to earn coins that can be converted to e-HPB vouchers! 

1,500 points can be changed to $5 worth of e-HPB vouchers that could be used at supermarkets and pharmacies including FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, Unity and Guardian! 

lumihealthretailers e1641372339596

To earn points for the voucher redemption, you will need to complete the different tasks namely: Activity challenge, Wellness Challenges, Just For You actions, Answer This Survey and Referral.

Activity challenges

The Activity challenge involves the Apple Watch’s Activity rings. Every Monday, LumiHealth has the Activity challenge which requires you to close all 3 Activity rings a certain number of times every week. Completing each ring grants you 100 Lumipoints and the completion of each Activity challenge gives you 8,000 Lumipoints. 

This is the most consistent way to earn your vouchers quickly since you can get up to 10,100 Lumipoints

Completing this every week ensures that you complete a chapter, which requires 40,000 Lumipoints. 

activitychallengelumihealth e1641372407378

Wellness Challenges

According to LumiHealth, the Wellness Challenges “help you experiment with small changes that can improve your health”. You will be asked to complete a healthy action a certain number of times in 7 days. 

Performing the action gives you 100 Lumipoints and completing the challenge usually gives 2,000 – 2,400 Lumipoints, giving a good boost to the activity challenge. These challenges may include activities tracked by the Apple Watch like clearing the “Standing” ring, to activities you declare like opting for brown rice. 

My personal favourites are the ones involving the rings because this means that I can complete both the Activity Challenge and the Wellness Challenge concurrently.

lumihealth wellness challenges e1641372464555

Just For You actions

Just For You actions are personalised health actions or information, based on your demographic. This can be in the challenges or articles and surveys. The content found in these articles are rather diverse; I have received quite a few to educate me on health tips and remind me about health screening and immunisation including Stress Management, Flu Immunisation and COVID-related matters. 

Some of the surveys will test your knowledge of these content, while others will give you some risk assessment for conditions like diabetes. This usually gives 2,000 – 2,400 Lumipoints as well.

lumihealth just for you consolidated

Answer This Survey

These are surveys that appear sometimes in the app that ask about your experience with the app or your health in general. They give 2,000 – 2,400 Lumipoints as well and it’s the most effortless way to earn points amongst all 5 methods. 

You can learn more about the different challenges from Lumihealth here.

Referral Programme

The hardest way to earn points unless you know someone who is buying a new iPhone or/and an Apple Watch. You can share your referral link in 2 easy steps by clicking the “Giftbox” button on LumiHealth and then sharing the link via Whatsapp or other messaging apps. 

(P.S. You can use my link here if you are interested!)

lumihealth referral 1

This grants up to 10,000 Lumipoints for you and your friend! It is possible for you to get a pair of plushies if you refer 5 or more people onto LumiHealth. 

lumihealth referral plush
Source: LumiHealth

However, I personally do not know anybody who achieved this feat! 

In my opinion, almost everyone I know that has both Apple Watch and iPhone has the LumiHealth app, and that’s the part that makes referring hard. However, if you’re capable of massive influence, this might be a good way for you to get vouchers more quickly! 

Please do note that this does not increase the total possible amount of vouchers you can win, which is $380.

How do you set or change goals on LumiHealth?

 Your goals are personalised by LumiHealth based on your activity measured by the Apple Watch and the demographic data that you’ve submitted. As such, you are unable to change these goals as stated on LumiHealth’s website.

Depending on how active you are, the weekly activity goal will change accordingly. For example, if you have completed the activity challenge involving 2 activity rings this week, you may be required to close 3 activity rings next week

To complete all the activity rings for LumiHealth, you need to clock at least: 

  1. the specified amount of active calories
  2. 30 minutes of exercise
  3. 12 hours of standing
lumihealth activity requirements

As you can see, I need to set at least 350cal for my Move Rings, while I’ve seen 580cal like this Facebook post. I suspect that this challenge is personalised according to your BMI and age.

Why are the activity rings (Move, Exercise and Stand) important in LumiHealth?

LumiHealth uses the Activity rings of your Apple Watch, namely:

Move RingMeasures the active calories used
Exercise RingMeasures the duration of
brisk activity completed
Stand RingMeasures the hours you’ve stood and moved
around for at least one minute a day.

Calories use and consumption are important for your weight management, according to Mayo Clinic. Exercise is a good way to burn calories and 30 minutes of brisk activities have been found to not only reduce chances of lifestyle diseases like diabetes but also improve moods and sleep. Standing for a sufficient amount of time is a good way to avoid sitting too much, which can contribute to health problems.

To learn more about the different goals, you can find out here from Apple.

How many chapters are there in total on LumiHealth?

There are probably 35 – 40 chapters. It is known that there is $380 worth of vouchers in LumiHealth. For the past 14 chapters, 1 month is approximately $10 worth (1500 points = $5). Sometimes, it’s more like the first 12 chapters but sometimes, it’s less, just like Chapters 13 and 14. 

Here is an estimate of the number of chapters that LumiHealth has, based on the point increment after each chapter.

lumihealth points tabulation

There has been someone who has reached Level 25 has estimated that there are 37/38 Chapters. My guess is that there are 35 chapters since it is a nicer number and there is an excess of 4,050 points from the first 12 chapters. 

Can you use LumiHealth without an Apple Watch/iPhone?

Currently, you are only able to use LumiHealth if you own an Apple Watch and an iPhone which has iOS 13 or later. You can learn more about it from LumiHealth’s website.

How do I sync my LumiHealth to my Apple Watch?

LumiHealth automatically syncs with your Apple Watch when you have paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone. To pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone,

  1. Turn on your Apple watch and put it next to your iPhone. 
  2. Wait for the “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” message to appear on your iPhone and then tap Continue. 
  3. If you don’t see this message, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap All Watches, then tap Pair New Watch. 
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the pairing.
syncing apple watch

H2: How to force quit LumiHealth on iPhone

It depends on your iPhone’s model. For those using iPhones with a home button, double-clicking the Home Button and swipe up on the app’s preview to quit LumiHealth. 

If you are using the newer iPhones, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get the home screen. Swipe up again from the bottom of the screen and pause at the middle of the screen. Afterwards, you can swipe up on the app’s preview to quit LumiHealth.

lumihealth close

H2: Is LumiHealth worth it?

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, LumiHealth is definitely worth it! You can get vouchers and motivate yourself to achieve a fitter body in this process. If you have an active lifestyle, this is effectively giving you free vouchers for whatever you are already doing. 

Who knows, you might be able to even bring your fitness to the next level! For those who are thinking of changing their lifestyle, this is a good way to motivate yourself. After all, the incentives are free of charge for you.

For me, I have done Lumihealth for a year now and have earned $150 worth of Vouchers so far. I like that I don’t have to go out of my way to achieve some of the goals. I try to exercise with my friends thrice a week and ever since Zoom university has started, I try to walk every hour to relieve the strain on my back. 

lumihealth hpb vouchers

not a flex

However, I can’t exactly say that it motivated me to be a healthier person. Being a typical final year student, I think that it’s normal to drop everything and work on academic matters. I mean there’s a reason why this meme exists:

meme 3
Source: AhSeeit

and this

meme 2
Source: pics.me.me

and finally, this:

meme 1
Source: AhSeeit

You get the point.

Another big problem for me is how it actually tracks only with the Apple Watch. Sometimes, I may forget to charge my watch, which results in me losing a lot of points

For me, I feel that more could also be done for the mental health aspect. I am not expecting on-call therapists, but I would appreciate it if there were more resources available on LumiHealth on that since the physical aspect of health is emphasised.

After using this app for a year, I have to say that it is relatively well done from my perspective. I love the integration within the Apple ecosystem and I like how my usual exercise is seamless port over to the LumiHealth app. I would say that the user experience is also idiot-proof most of the time

However, if I have to say something negative, it is the bugs. This was not apparent when I wrote my first post but it was very obvious in my past year’s usage. 

There was a time where the app just couldn’t sync with my Activity for no reason. After doing further research, I realised that it’s a rather universal experience. For me, I’m lucky that it self-rectified somehow.

However, if you look at the LumiHealth Reddit and Facebook fan groups, I can’t say the same. 

Regardless, I would still highly recommend people to join it if you own both an Apple Watch and an iPhone! However, if you’re thinking of buying one just for this, I would think that you should think twice. The programme ends next year and we don’t know if it will continue. 

Full disclosure, I actually bought a second-hand Apple Watch @ $150 (Shout out to my friend, Yoyo) because I was interested in this programme and I managed to earn back at this point in time. I saw on Reddit that someone has achieved Level 30 by now (shame on me). 

So if you’re that committed, you might recoup your losses on a second-hand watch. If you decided to buy an Apple Watch for other reasons, then just go ahead and try LumiHealth since it’s free anyway! 

Tl;dr Great app,10/10 would recommend. Definitely worth your time.

Also, if you have decided to download Lumihealth, why not use my referral link? Both of us can get bonus points if you click here

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