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The Editoral Team

gid tht


Blogging is my newfound passion, and I want to solve everyday problems you may have with the content I create.

melissa sgu


Exploring new things as I go along. And whenever possible, I try to share my learning experiences in an effort to help others. Feel free to ping me for a chat!

isaac sgu


Always looking to try new things and blogging is one of them!

sgu gabrielle


I enjoy gaining new experiences and constantly challenging myself so I like to keep myself really busy! Nevertheless, I enjoy spending my little pockets of free time watching K Dramas, going for spin classes and hanging out with my friends 🙂

sgu nicholas


Hello, I’m a designer. When I’m not working I love sketching architecture and learning new concepts!

The Tech Team

kong sgu


Just a health and tech junkie who is excited about the environment and innovations.