4 Steps To Check Your PES Status In NS

Check NS PES Status

If you’re looking to check your PES status, you can’t actually do so on the NS portal!

Instead, you will need to go to the eHealth portal which is a separate platform.

Here’s a guide to get you started:

How to check PES status in NS

Here are 4 steps to check your PES status in NS:

  1. Access to the eHealth portal (direct or via NS Portal)
  2. Login to the eHealth portal via SingPass
  3. Select ‘View Military Info’
  4. View your PES status

And here is each step explained further:

Access to the eHealth portal (direct or via NS Portal)

The first step will be to access the eHealth portal.

You can either do this by clicking the link above, or you can log into the NS portal first.

NS Portal Dashboard

You will need to scroll down, and then select eHealth under ‘Click To Access Other eServices’.

NS Portal Select eHealth

Login to the eHealth portal via SingPass

Once you are on the eHealth portal, you will need to log into your account using SingPass.

eHealth Login

Select ‘View Military Info’

When you have entered the eHealth portal, you will need to click on ‘View Military Info‘ which is on the right-hand corner of the page.

eHealth View Military Info 1

View your PES status

Once you’re there, you can view your PES status, as well as the start date and expiry.

eHealth View PES Status

Your PES status may have an expiry date, which will mean that it is not a permanent PES assignment, and you may be asked for a review in the future.

Here are the possible PES statuses that you may have:

PES StatusDefinition
PES A, B1Suitable for combat vocations
B3, B4
Suitable for some combat vocations,
and combat support vocations
PES BPFit for Obese BMT
PES C2, C9Suitable for some combat support vocations,
and combat service support vocations
PES DTemporarily unfit for grading
and pending further review
PES E1, E9Suitable for combat service
support and service vocations
PES FMedically unfit for
any form of service

If you are wondering how your NS life may change based on your PES status, you can check out our guides on PES C9, PES B1 and B4.


If you are looking to check your PES status, you will have to do it on the eHealth portal, and not the NS portal.

You may also want to look out if your PES status has an expiry date, where you may have to do a follow-up review in the future when it expires.

You can find out how to check your reservist unit here.

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