The Ultimate Guide To The NUS Concession Card

NUS Concession Card Guide

One of the perks of being an NUS student is that you’ll be eligible to obtain the NUS concession card.

This is particularly useful if you’re travelling from home, and are not staying in the halls or RC of NUS.

Here’s what you need to know about this card:

What is the NUS concession card?

The NUS concession card allows you to purchase monthly concession passes at a discounted rate if you are a full-time matriculated undergraduate of NUS.

With the concession card, here are the rates that you’ll need to pay for a 30-day concession pass:

Concession TypePrice
Bus Only$55.50
MRT Only$48.00
Hybrid (Bus + MRT)$90.50

These concession passes can be bought at any TransitLink office, Add Value Machine (AVM) or General Ticketing Machine (GTM).

If you do not buy the monthly concession pass, you will pay the adult fare instead.

The concession pass is advantageous if you do not stay in a hall or RC, and you will be travelling to NUS every week.

Let’s say, on average, that you spend $3 a day on public transport (going to NUS and then back home). This means that you’ll only need 16 days a month if you only take the MRT to make it worth the fees!

However, if you do need to take both bus and MRT to go to NUS, it may be slightly more expensive.

As such, the concession card will be the most useful if you only need to take MRT to and from NUS.

How do I apply for the NUS concession card?

To apply for the NUS concession card, you will need to fill up the form on the TransitLink website and wait for your application to be approved.

NUS Concession Card Application

The application form may take a while to fill up, and you will receive a confirmation email that gives you details about the collection.

NUS Concession Card Email

How do I collect my NUS concession card?

If you are applying for the card during the Bulk Application Period from July to August for Undergraduates, you will need to book an appointment to collect your card from the Student Services Centre at Yusof Ishak House.

You can use this link to book an appointment to collect your card from Yusof Ishak House.

However, if you are applying for the concession card outside of the Bulk Application Period, the card will be mailed to your mailing address instead.

The card that you collect will be an EZ-Link card, and you can find out how it is different from a NETS FlashPay card here.

How long is my monthly concession pass valid for after graduation?

The monthly concession pass will expire once you have completed your course with NUS. You are able to use your card for another 4 months after expiry, where adult fares will apply for your public transport fares.

You are able to check your concession expiry date at any TransitLink office, Add Value Machine (AVM) or General Ticketing Machine (GTM).

Once these 4 months are up, you are unable to use the card any longer, and you can request for a refund.


The NUS concession card is definitely useful if you do not stay in hall or RC, and are looking at travelling to school almost every day.

You can check out this guide on the things that you can or cannot do while on the MRT.

It was particularly advantageous for me as I used it while being a GrabFood walker. With the unlimited MRT rides, I made use of this when travelling to different destinations in the CBD area.

If you are intending to buy just the bus or MRT pass, it will be pretty cost-effective to do so.

However, you may need to calculate and see if it’s worth paying for the bus and MRT combined pass, as it is quite expensive!

You can find out more about other things in NUS, such as CCAs and S/U-ing modules in these articles.

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