5 Steps To Book A Room In NTU’s The Arc

How To Book NTU Arc

Ever had classes at the Arc? Walked by those rooms at Level B1 that seem to be perfect for group discussions, but never really knew how to book them?

You’ve come to the right post then! This post will serve as a step-by-step guide on how to book The Arc Project Discussion Rooms at NTU.

How to book a room in NTU’s The Arc

There are 5 steps to book a room in NTU’s The Arc:

  1. Log in to the iNTU portal
  2. Search for PDR Booking
  3. Enquire about Room Availability [Optional]
  4. Submit a Booking Request
  5. Check your Booking Details

Here is a more detailed explanation of each step:

Step 1: Log in to the iNTU portal

To start off, head to iNTU (this is also how you can access StudentLink/GSLink). Then, select your current student status (Undergraduate/Graduate).

I strongly encourage you to bookmark the iNTU link for future use.

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Here, you’d be presented with a Login page. Where you enter your NTU network credentials: 

  • Network User Name: <Identical to your email but remove the @e.ntu.edu.sg behind>
  • Domain: STUDENT
  • Password: <Network Password>
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Step 2: Search for PDR Booking

After successfully logging in, you will be taken to this page. This is your StudentLink/GSLink site! There are other important services that can be found here, such as:

  • Applying for Financial Assistance Scheme,
  • Paying for Hostel bills,
  • Applying for exchanges…
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However, what we are really looking for is this service called PDR Booking.

*PDR stands for Project Discussion Rooms.

You could search for it either through the Search Box or find it under:

StudentLink → Others
→ PDR Booking
GSLink → General Services
→ PDR Booking

Upon clicking on the PDR Booking link, you will be redirected to a page looking similar to this:

Step 3: Enquire about Room Availability [Optional]

This step is optional if you already know that the date and timing that you want is available.

Otherwise, I’d recommend you to use this step to check for time slots that you can book.

I have to admit that the user experience for this system isn’t the best. I had to take some time to explore before understanding how it works.

It turns out that you’d have to select your preferred date and time first before being able to continue with enquiries. This is done in the left-hand menu.

For example, let’s say that I want to check all the available time slots for 14 December 2021. This is what I will enter before clicking on the Enquiry button:

7sh4qbkyIqgIRMtp9Z254OE PTHcOiXnMAubPo41ZmMeAwEv7qUyVw XLL5lhI7Eklu3Yop 9B19nuaveu4JQArdvf1KgVAz0Xj i4JYvGc0kIqD9nUV678FeLKLkmZ Tm0cbEj

Then, when prompted, click on the Proceed button.


You will be asked once again to confirm your enquiry details. Here, you can change your preferred timings, but not your preferred date. 

Then, when you’re ready, you can hit the ENQUIRE button to submit your enquiry request.

D7pBIQ59ZIqHde6XPBlIePP0SQrbrzhKFbLQ6ds4gWoGYocYid 9QL1vEzpFfgSBgUt98qb1EtnrD IDz00hLvVWEKtZW9xJiM10Z2pEW0X2pnwrv 3Ms JQ gmwnRopXlF0M4uc

The schedule of booked/unbooked time slots for all will be shown as follows:

T6zGlxNRSWdCz7QIyxh C 1DLKB8TKW r8jl 8J2gH7rIwi sTujlAq3uOauosFSKV5JmW87W 0JOdNiCLbiN 0A7ffpV69z uGLskFLsnZzMuH G0hHv0bNg5A8mao4O8uEz4

Here, you can scroll through the timings and find your preferred time slot(s). Afterwards, you can keep them in mind for the next step — submitting a booking request.

Step 4: Submit a Booking Request

During peak periods, halfway through the semester or nearing the end, the slots get taken up really fast. This could be due to the influx of assignments and projects that lecturers like to give.

So now that we already have a room time slot in mind, we would have to head to a separate section to book it. Over here, it’s a matter of fastest fingers first.

Once again, in the left-hand menu, select your preferred time slot. You will only be able to select a maximum duration of 2 hours each time.

Here, I want to book a room from 5 pm to 7 pm on 14 December 2021. Then click the Bookings button.

aTxBL0K7XW 8zO72G3z5dM0AIYkGixCnIb1XHDOLdj3PtOsvUY8 w3Np2trfPKaSpdGJ7Hbb a8IT P4nm xddCD Q7hWqm 9vj JP32e9Ypvzmdl848NOF

You should see this booking details page. Prompting you to confirm your booking details:

  • Venue 1: <Choose any room> Unavailable rooms will not be shown
  • Air Conditioning: Y (If you don’t want it to be turned on, switch it to N)
  • Booking Purpose: <e.g. Studying…>
  • Number of users: <Enter a whole number>
9 dSE5n97Vtt 7NQL4FjqTh4mYnJ3uRlnWFJv57qG10hvyH2oKe QAlM dUWMvlJR0cEgkZLJyqE77kyF9mOuPWteCY80IMezCXITKeQTIiWNpdtDa27uZ5JplctAlt2Cyvq WkH

Click on the “BOOK NOW” button. If your booking is successful, you will be shown the following confirmation notice and an email from facilitiesbookingsystem@ntu.edu.sg will also be sent to your student account.

dfxD5RWsaqMEimh3yyQ89jBGpK05yMH3gzVFcHE4 tHqgXEPwGQC0tFFDgdyYjVXmIKMWWUTI2Ohj6JhxWJrVugaCZynQ8mW9MLWGHx7LP3YKRmeA Z6k8EU4wF4g2NyiR vsnyo

Step 5: Check your Booking Details

If you would like to double-check your booking or cancel it. Select MyBookings in the left-hand menu, where you will be shown all of your booking requests.


Things to take note

When booking your Arc rooms, here are some things to take note of:

  1. The Arc’s Project Discussion Rooms are open for bookings from 0730 to 2330 daily
  2. Each room can hold up to 8 users
  3. Each room is furnished with:
    1. A round table with 8 chairs
    2. A whiteboard
    3. A 55-inch TV & remote controller
    4. A 3m HDMI/VGA cable
  4. Booking requests can only be made up to a maximum of 2 days in advance
  5. The maximum duration of booking per day is cumulative of 2 hours
  6. If the booking request was made:
In advanceOn the day itself
Rooms would be automatically unlockedUse your matriculation card on the
card reader to unlock the door
Air-con would automatically be turned onCall 6790 4777 to turn on the Air-con
  1. You will be fully responsible for the room and equipment during your booked time slot, regardless of whether you use it or not

Helpful Hotlines

Here are some hotlines that may be useful if you experience any issues while at the Arc:

Contact DetailsHelp Provided
+65 6790 4357 
AV Assistance [0700 to 2300, daily]
+65 6790 4777Unlock door,
Turn on lights & air-conditioning,
Make, Cancel or Shorten booking time slot
teaching_facilities@ntu.edu.sg Report any damages


There you have it! A simple 5-step guide to help you to book a Project Discussion Room at The Arc, for when you need it next time.

I hope that this post has helped you, and feel free to share this guide with your friends!

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