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Are you thinking of joining a CCA at Poly? CCAs, or Co-Curricular Activities, are an important element of Singaporean school life.

I have the opportunity to talk to someone who participated in multiple CCAs during her time at Ngee Ann Poly, and here are her thoughts on all things about having a CCA in poly. 

Is CCA compulsory in Poly?

Although participation in a CCA is not required in Poly, it is highly recommended. A CCA helps you to meet new people – in fact, most of my closest friends today are those that I made from my CCA. 

CCAs also help nurture traits such as leadership and collaboration. Being a part of NP Peer Helpers, for example, has allowed me to participate in a diverse range of authentic and future-oriented learning activities, preparing me to navigate a complicated world. 

Not only was I able to meet new people, I was also able to confidently manage difficult circumstances and employ numerous tactics to efficiently complete my assigned tasks, continually improving myself while serving and leading others.

These skills and abilities are often difficult to master in a classroom setting. 

Who knows? You may even discover your passion and interests as a result of your involvement in CCA.

What do CCA points do in Poly?

As you go through your Polytechnic career and remain active in your CCA, you will gain CCA points.

These points show your ability to thrive in areas other than academics. 

When applying to local universities, CCA points may just be the thing that offers you an advantage over your competitorsSMU’s admissions blog pointed out that having stellar CCA track records can give your application that extra boost. 

NP, for example, has in place a CCA Points Awarding and Grading System to recognise outstanding student talents and leaders.

The Department of Student Development coordinates and administers the CCA Points Awarding and Grading System which also allows academic staff to access, register and award points for their students’ CCA participation. 

These CCA points are cumulative over the 3 years of a student’s education in NP and would be converted into a grade that is reflected in the student’s final-year’s CCA statement.

CCA points are awarded against 6 components: Representation (R), Achievement (A), Leadership (L), Service (S), Enrichment (E); and Participation (P). 

There are similar grading systems for other polys as well, such as NYP and SP.

Does my Poly CCA help with my GPA?

Joining a CCA does not provide any extra points to your GPA. But not everything is about GPA, right? After all, you must’ve heard of the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

CCAs help you to take your mind off school and projects – and trust me, you’re going to need that little bit of breather once in a while! 

Besides, CCA is a component of the discretionary admissions program. In other words, NUS, NTU, and SMU will look at an applicant’s CCA contributions and achievements to decide if you are fit to be admitted to the university.

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Image credit: NYP

The bottom line is, even though having a CCA will not directly impact your GPA, it may improve your chances of getting into a university

Should I join a CCA in Poly?

While it is not required, I would strongly recommend joining a CCA in Poly. Doing so would help you find like-minded folks to hang out with and meet peers from various degrees. CCAs also open up opportunities for you to embark on amazing adventures.

And the list goes on! 

From a practical standpoint, your CCA transcript demonstrates your cooperation, leadership, and problem-solving abilities. These abilities help university admissions officers, scholarship panels, and potential employers know a little more about you.

Furthermore, joining a CCA provides you with valuable life skills and practical experiences that you may use to improve your CV.

How many CCAs can I join in Poly?

There are no restrictions on how many CCAs you may join. However, do keep in mind that you’ll need to maintain a good balance between your academic work and your CCA hobbies. 

Most of my friends engage in one or two CCAs. 

I find that having two CCAs is a fantastic way to have a balanced and enjoyable student life, if you are decent at managing your time. If you know that you’re pretty bad at time management, I would suggest starting off with one CCA. Remember, you should not neglect your schoolwork for your CCAs! 

I for one, put in the effort to design a study schedule so as to maintain a good balance between my academic work and CCAs. Each week, I plan out what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished. 

Prioritize your activities so you don’t leave anything important for last. When scheduling, be sure to schedule around your classes and leave plenty of study time before scheduling time for CCAs.

What CCA should I join in Poly?

The list of CCAs that you can choose from is long. However, you should join a CCA that you are interested in! Here are two CCAs that my friends and I loved being a part of. 

Community Service Club

Why not choose a CCA that enables you to do good? Volunteering allows you to make a difference in the lives of others, including your own. Through it, you might meet people from many walks of life and with comparable interests.

Make friends, explore new things, learn more about yourself, and feel the joy of helping others – all while being a part of a community.

Dance Sport

Love dancing but can’t decide on which form of dancing you like the most? Dance Sport, which incorporates 5 different Latin dances (Chacha, Rhumba, Jive, Samba and Paso Doble), may just be for you. 

Whether you want to dance socially or competitively, Dance Sport allows you to immerse yourself in the art of expression. By the way, my best friend actually met her partner in Dance Sport!


Joining a CCA helps you build a holistic portfolio that would be beneficial when you apply for universities or jobs.

This also allows you to meet a lot of intriguing individuals. 

Some of them may become close friends with you throughout your poly life, or even after you leave school. You will also meet folks with a wealth of experience from whom you may learn a lot from!

You can find out if it’s possible to go to university from polytechnic here.

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