Buying On AliExpress From Singapore – Here’s My Experience

Buying On AliExpress From Singapore

Have you ever thought of buying something from AliExpress in Singapore?

Offering thousands of items at low prices, AliExpress is a great place to get the most bang for your buck.

Are you unsure about how to shop on AliExpress? Don’t worry! As an avid AliExpress shopper, I’m here to guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online retail platform based in China. It sells a huge variety of things such as stationery, clothes, and accessories. 

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It even sells much larger items like furniture and home decor.

I’d like to think of AliExpress as Taobao’s less complicated sister. The entire site is in English, and you can set the default currency to SGD too. 

The language and currency options can be found just above the search bar on the homepage.

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This makes shopping a much smoother, and more straightforward experience.

How do I shop on AliExpress?

Shopping on Aliexpress is very simple.

The site offers different categories (such as Women’s and Men’s Fashion, Bags & Shoes, and Consumer Electronics) for you to browse through. 

My personal favourite categories are Home for cute room decor, and Jewelry for cheap earrings.

You can also search for specific items using the search bar.

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Since it offers so many items, it’s best to be as specific as possible with your search to narrow down your options.

You can access AliExpress via their website, or using the AliExpress app on your mobile phone.

The AliExpress app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I Reverse Image Search on AliExpress?

The Reverse Image Search function allows you to search for items on AliExpress by uploading pictures to the site.

Once your picture is uploaded, AliExpress will show you all listings that are similar to the item in your photo.

This allows you to search quickly and easily for similar items on AliExpress.

To do a reverse image search, you must first download the AliExpress app on your mobile phone.

Afterward, you can tap on the camera icon next to the search bar and upload your photo.

You can upload pictures found online, or photographs you’ve taken yourself.

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Do make sure that the item is the main focus of the picture, so that the app can determine what you’re looking for.

Here’s an example using a photo I found on Pinterest:

Just like that, I was able to find a similar vase for only S$3!

This is hands-down one of my favourite features of AliExpress.

See something you like, but find it too expensive? Snap a photo and reverse search it on AliExpress – you may find similar (or identical) options for cheaper!

Does AliExpress ship to Singapore?

AliExpress does ship to Singapore. There is no need to use any agents or third-party freight forwarders.

Sellers usually offer several shipping options on AliExpress.

You can click on the ‘More options’ field under the “shipping” portion of the listing to see what’s available.


Most of these options include tracking numbers, so you can track your package every step of the way.

You can track your orders on the website under “My Orders” > “Track order”.

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On the app, you can click on the “Shipped” tab and then “Tracking”.

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How much does AliExpress charge for shipping?

The default, cheapest shipping option is usually AliExpress Standard Shipping or China Post Registered Mail.

These options are often free of charge, but may incur extra charges depending on the seller.

For example, certain sellers may charge an extra S$1-3 for shipping. Heavier and bulkier items can also cost anything upwards of S$5 for shipping.

Express shipping options, such as AliExpress Premium Shipping, are much more expensive. These can cost upwards of S$40.

Here’s an example of shipping options and their costs:

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I usually choose AliExpress Standard Shipping or China Post Registered Mail, as these are the cheapest options. 

How long does AliExpress take to ship to Singapore?

Parcels from AliExpress can take some time to arrive. It has taken anything from 2 weeks to 1.5 months for my packages to show up.

AliExpress does provide estimated delivery dates for their various shipping options.

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However, from my experience, these dates are not always accurate

Items shipped via AliExpress Standard Shipping or China Post are delivered via Singpost.

Is it safe to shop on AliExpress?

It is definitely safe to shop on AliExpress. As all packages come with a tracking number, it is very easy to keep track of your parcel.

Missing, damaged, or incorrect items are also not very common

The risks are no higher than shopping on any other online platform.

In such events, you can open disputes with sellers on AliExpress for a refund or replacement.

I have shopped at AliExpress over 30 times, and have only ever had 1 lost parcel. After opening a dispute with the seller, a replacement was sent out immediately.

How do I open a dispute on AliExpress?

The easiest way to open a dispute with a seller is on the AliExpress website. Here are the 4 steps you need to do:

1. Go to your orders.

2. Click on “Order Details” of the item in question.

3. Scroll down till you see “Open Dispute” next to the item.

4. Choose if you’d like a refund or to return the goods, and explain the situation further.

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From personal experience, the entire process is quite fuss-free. Sellers are usually pretty accommodating, and refunds/returns are quickly processed.


AliExpress is a wonderful place to shop, where you can find good and decent products for cheap.

The risks of using AliExpress are also no higher than any other online retail platform, such as Etsy. Any issues are easily resolved by opening a dispute with the seller.

The only drawback is long shipping times – but if you’re willing to wait, the money you save is worth it!

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